Where to go from here

I've been attempting to revive my blog for some time now, but honestly it's been difficult to muster up the motivation to do so.

Part of the problem is that I've had things happen in my personal life that have made it rather difficult to articulate my thoughts in any meaningful way. I've never been particularly good at articulating myself (that was part of my initial motifivation to blog - to try to see if it would help my better organize my thoughts), but I feel like it's gotten a bit worse in this regard since life went and threw my a huge curve-ball.

I'm hoping that if I force myself to blog it might help get the ball rolling some how. Not sure how well it will work but we'll see.

I'm facing a similar crisis (of sorts) in my professional career as well: I don't quite know where I want to go.

I'm not sure if it's necessarily that I don't know what to pursue, or the fact that there are so many paths I could take that it's making it difficult for me to decide - basically I feel like I'm facing analysis paralysis from a career standpoint.

I've been looking pretty heavily at a lot of Javascript technologies these days: node.js, and MongoDB on the back-end, AngularJS, Ember.js, React and such on the front-end of things. I've even been exploring some bleeding-edge tech like Polymer.

I'm finding them all compelling. In a lot of ways it's a really great time to be a web developer.

It's also kind of depressing.

Perhaps some of it is a bit of "green grass syndrome" - thinking that the grass will be greener if I could just use those shiny-new technolgies over there. My own personal Silver Bullet crisis.

I think some of it is also the fact that, in order to adopt some of these technologies, I will need cooperation from others within the organization that are...let's say less than enthusiastic to change things when it doesn't suit them. It's a fight that I have little desire to engage in anymore these days.

I guess for now I can at least play around in what little spare time I have and try to find ways to sneak in some newer technology (I've already succeeded with AngularJS, so that's something).

But I want to do more. So much more.